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Why become a Fresh on the Menu Chef?

Featured Recipes
Through the Fresh on the Menu website, we often feature recipes from chefs and restaurants like yours. It’s a great way to expose potential customers to your restaurant and style of cooking. As a Fresh on the Menu restaurant, you are welcome to participate.

Promote Your Restaurant
Fresh on the Menu was created to support South Carolina farmers. To be a Fresh on the Menu restaurant, 25% of your ingredients must be Certified SC products that are in season. If your restaurant meets that requirement, or if you’d like to increase your use of local ingredients, contact Grace Heins at certifiedsc@scda.sc.gov or 803-734-2207.

Featured Chefs
As a Fresh on the Menu restaurant, you have the opportunity to have your chef(s) featured on this website. It’s a chance to help spread the word about the importance of sourcing locally grown ingredients and show future customers your passion for creating fresh, delicious dishes.

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For more information on the Food Hub Network, contact Nikki Seibert at nikki@witmeetsgrit.com.

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For more information about Fresh on the Menu please contact:

Grace Heins
P.O. Box 11280
Columbia, South Carolina 29211

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Chef Ambassador Program

Each year, a small number of select chefs are chosen for their dedication to incorporating healthy, locally grown ingredients into their menus.

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