Salmon, Goat Cheese and Apple Slaw

Salmon, Goat Cheese and Apple Slaw - Fresh On The Menu Recipe


  • Nappa 1 head
  • Celeriac 1 head
  • Scallions 2 oz
  • Granny Smith Apple 2

Slaw Dressing yield 1QT

  • Apple Cider Vinegar 1/2cp
  • Sherry Vinegar  ½ cp
  • Mustard Seed Oil 1 Tsp
  • Olive Oil 3cp
  • White Truffle Oil 2tsp
  • Sugar 4 Tbsp

Apple Balsamic Mayo yields 1qt

  • Apple Balsamic vinegar 1 cp
  • Mayo 1 qt
  • Whole Grain mustard 3 Tbsp
  • Mustard seed Oil 2 Tbsp



  • Shred cabbage and peel, julienne apple and celeriac, dress the day of sandwich with the slaw dressing and let stand for 30 min. drain off excess vinegarette and season before assembling sandwich.

Worley Lane Goat Cheese, mixed. 

Whisk all ingredients together. 

Reduce the vinegar to ¼ cp and combine with all other ingredients.

The sandwich is served on 7 grain bread. Cut the bread in half, the bottom gets a layer of mayo, then fillet of trout, then 2 oz of dressed slaw, and a thin layer of the mayo on the top piece of bread.


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