Pan Seared Scallops

Pan Seared Scallops - Fresh On The Menu Recipe

4 Scallops per person
4 oz. Jasmine rice per person
2 oz. coconut milk
2 oz. green peas
Olive oil & butter
Marinated Crimini Mushrooms
Lime juice
Soy Sauce
Mirin (condiment used in Japanese cuisine. Kind of rice win, similar to sake but with
lower alcohol content.)
Rice wine vinegar
Lemon zest

  1. Prepare crimini mushrooms and set aside to marinate.
  2. Pan sear the scallops in a sauce pan with olive oil and butter.
  3. Cook the rice with coconut milk and green peas and marinated mushrooms.
  4. Plate with bed of rice, green peas and mushrooms.
  5. Top with pan seared scallops.

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