Mascarpone - Fresh On The Menu Recipe

1 Qt Heavy Cream
1 Medium Lemon
¾ C Hickory Hill Buttermilk, or live culture buttermilk
Salt to Taste
1 Tbs Sugar

Necessary Equipment:

  • Cheese Muslin
  • Chinois Mousseline
  • 2 Qt Mason Jar

  1. Mise en Place
  2. Zest lemon, Set aside
  3. Juice Lemon, Set aside
  4. Mix Buttermilk, Lemon zest, Heavy Cream, Salt & Sugar in glass jar
  5. Slowly stir in lemon juice, adding juice from a second lemon if necessary
  6. Liquid should thicken some as juice is incorporated.
  7. Cover airtight, Allow to set at 85 º F for 18-24 hours. Mixture should be thick, but not solid. Not fluid either. If still fluid check temperature, let set another 12 hours.
  8. After mixture thickens, line chinois with cheese muslin with a reservoir under strainer to catch drippings.
  9. Pour mascarpone mixture into muslin lined strainer, cover
  10. Allow mascarpone to set at approximately 65 º F for 18-24 hours
  11. Discard strained water
  12. Scrape Mixture off of muslin with spatula or rubber scraper
  13. Mixture will be thick and spreadable, not solid
  14. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours (mascarpone will solidify under refrigeration), use as desired
  15. Keeps for 3-7 days 


Yields About One Quart

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